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I know I said that the next entry would be about the engagement, but if I am to go in chronological order, I would need to back up to the choice of the ring…

We spent Valentine’s Day weekend in Portland, Maine because we wanted to go somewhere and neither of us had been there and we’d heard it was a cool place.  By the time Michael started to look for rooms (three days before the weekend, which was also Presidents’ Day weekend this year) we couldn’t find anything available.  Luckily, my good friend, Melissa, offered up her apartment to us as she wasn’t going to be there that weekend.
We took her up on her offer and spent a few lovely days there, walking around town, eating at good restaurants, relaxing just doing…well, nothing.  On our way out of town, we stopped downtown so that Michael could buy a pair of shoes for work that he’d seen the day before.  Next door to the shoe store was a jewelry store.  Something caught my eye so I asked if we could go in.  The something was NOT an engagement ring by the way – it was not “entrapment”.  We wandered through the first room of beautiful, and very original, designs, each of us pointing out to the other one what we liked.  We came into the next room and…eek!…there were cases and cases of engagement and wedding rings.  I stammered and told Michael we could leave because I had no intention of even looking at rings and he replied, “Well, let’s look.”  After twenty minutes of perusing the cases, we realized we’d have to put more money in the parking meter (on which we had only 37 minutes) and we ended up spending a little more than an hour looking at the choices and getting ideas of what we liked.
I had only a few requirements, the most important of which being that the ring had to have a low-enough profile that I could get my hand in and out of my pocket with no problem while wearing it.  So, each ring I tried on went through what we deemed, “The Pocket Test”.  If I could get the ring in my pocket without catching it, it would be a contender.  So it came down to the ring I now wear and another ring, very different in style, with three square diamonds in a row across the band.  So it was between that ring and “my” ring.  Michael told me to try one on and walk away. I waved my hand through the air as if I was talking (well, more like I was flapping my non-existent wings in public).  Then I tried on the other ring and did the same thing.  I tried on “my” ring the second time, and Michael said, “Yup, that’s it.”  It was so much more sparkly and it fit perfectly on my hand, didn’t catch on my pocket, and was exactly what I had envisioned.
I then asked Michael what he would like as a wedding ring.  His choice was a very simple white gold band.  Nothing fancy.  When I mentioned I thought that a wedding band with diamonds all around the band to match the engagement ring would be ideal, he simply said, “No.” “What?” I asked.  He said, “I said no.  Our rings have to match.  We’re going through this together and they have to match.”  And then I almost cried in public in the jewelry store – I teared up and looked at the ceiling willing the tears not to fall.  And Denise, the owner, made that cute “Aww…” face that people make when watching something very touching and private and wiped the corner of her own eye.  We got their business card, with the particulars of the ring on it, and we left for home.
D. Cole Jewelers is the store where we found it.  The designer of the ring is A. Jaffe.  It’s 18 kt. gold and it’s perfect.
And he didn’t have it with him when he proposed a month later…but that’s another story.
May 2, 2010

There’s a saying that goes, “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”  I
have felt at times that it should have been “Always the photographer,
never a bride.”  Those days are over.  I am thrilled to share with you
all that I am engaged to be married to the love of my life, my one and
only, my dream come true.

And although I verge on being a
facebook junkie, I don’t usually like to divulge too much very personal
stuff about my life to the public at-large (and now the universe
at-large it seems, via the internet).  I will, however, be sharing my
thoughts and experiences about being a bride-to-be here on the blog for
the next however-many months until we tie the knot.  I thought it would
be a great way to get advice about things and to share in the experience
with the soon-to-be-marrieds (and marrieds…and singles) among you. I
must admit that I get hives just contemplating planning a wedding. 
After eleven years of photographing weddings, I have seen it all
from the casual to the most elegant, the simplest to the most elaborate,
the smallest to the largest, the easiest to the not-so-easy.  People
have said, “Well, you MUST know what you’d like for your own wedding.” 
No, I don’t.  I have some general ideas, but when I think I know what
I’d like, I have a completely opposing thought.

After the first
question, “Who’s going to photograph YOUR wedding?” comes the
inevitable, “When’s the date?”  I don’t honestly have an answer for the

More in my next entry about other things. 
Like the
engagement.  And then, of course, the ring.  But here’s a sneak peak of


November 9, 2009

Julie and Ross and their adorable children found me a number of years ago, and this past year we did their family portrait for the third time, though I think it was Mia’s second.  By this point, we’re good friends, and their girls are becoming more and more beautiful every time I see them.

Part of it is their eyes.  All of them: Mom, Dad, Lily, Talia and Mia.

MargYus09__84.jpgEach of the girls has their own special beauty and distinct personality.  I love capturing that aspect of kids…


Julie is a yoga teacher in Montclair, New Jersey, when she’s not deliriously happy being on vacation here on the Vineyard, and she’s asked to use this photo as her professional portrait.  Wow, what a compliment for me.

MargYus09__94.jpgI look forward to next summer, as Julie’s already given me the dates of their stay, and am so happy that they love this photo, as it is one of my all-time favorites:

MargYus09__69.jpgThe prints are on their way, Julie, and I hope that the photos bring you the joy and warmth of your 2009 vacation throughout of the year until your next visit!!!!

  • kristen says:

    You really captured the essence of this beautiful family! The children are stunning! The parents are soo blessed =)

November 5, 2009

Make that shame, shame, shame on me!  I cannot believe that my last blog post was more than three months ago!  I will now state that I have so much to share that I could go on and on in order to have said it here and not apologize in future posts…

Okay, now that’s out of the way, I should say that I fell into the bad habit of posting new events and photos on facebook instead of blogging.  And then I realized that when I post something on the blog it shows up there, too.  Oh well.    Please feel free to become a fan of Nicole Friedler Photography on facebook!

July 29, 2009

I received a call from Megan Burke-Kidder last week, asking if I would be available to do a family portrait for her daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law as a wedding present to them.  The shoot was arranged, and I went over to Chappaquiddick last evening in somewhat iffy weather: the fog was rolling in to Katama, but when I called Katie to check the situation across Edgartown Harbor, she said it wasn’t too bad, but that even though it was a bit foggy, it looked pretty cool.

Katie met me at the ferry, and we went down the road just a bit to the Kidder household – an amazing spot right on the water.  Katie and Tom will be married in early September, and are combining two families: five amazing kids, all with their own personalities.  And boy, did we have fun!

NF1_5322.jpgNF1_5282.jpgNF1_5244.jpgNF1_5217.jpgKatie and Tom, the best of everything for your new life together.  Your wedding, with my friend Jocelyn Filley photographing, is going to be awesome – so sorry I couldn’t be there to record it for you.  I’m only thankful I got to participate in your celebration through this gift from your loving family!!!

Back in November, I had the privilege of photographing India Rose and Sterling Bishop for their engagement. 


Saturday I had the privilege of photographing their wedding at the lovely Lambert’s Cove Inn.

_NF17760.jpgBeautiful day, beautiful couple, beautiful family…Here’s wishing you a beautiful life!

I recently ran a Mother’s Day Special, and here are some of the highlights:



Facebook can be quite time-consuming, as many of you know.  It can also be the source of endless hours of laughter.  Take, for example, the link put up by one of my friends, illustrating REALLY BAD FAMILY PORTRAITS!
I don’t know where people find these things, but I can assure you that I will NEVER take a photo like that.

May 6, 2009

Yup, I succumbed.  I took a silly iPhone photo while at dinner last week at an Asian restaurant.  They had fabulous sushi…and Thai and Chinese food to boot.  And fortune cookies.  This has got to be the funniest fortune I’ve ever seen.  And I wish the iPhone camera had a flash!!


May 5, 2009

Okay, so now I get it.
I hate getting my picture taken (okay, well I’m trying not to be a hater these days, so I’ll amend that).  I am really uncomfortable getting my photo taken.  It used to be less bad when I was a little kid, hamming it up for the camera, but in adult life, I’ve found it difficult, except on rare occasions, to have a photo taken that represented what I thought of (or perceived) as ME.

Until now.

My good friend, Millie Figueroa and I spent some time working and comparing notes together last week at her studio in Mullica Hills, New Jersey.  She has a sweet little set-up with a showroom/meeting place up front and a great studio set up in the back, complete with all of the studio lighting and backdrops and gadgets that I don’t have, nor that I “do”.  So she asked me if she could take my photo, both for her “practice” and my use (need a new bio pic for the new website, which will be up soon under a new URL:  nicolefriedler.com).  So we spent 45 minutes to an hour of very painful (for me) time having me pose in different poses that felt kind of unnatural and weird.  It’s pressure to be one-on-one with a photographer who’s looking at you through that black thing, attempting to make you feel relaxed enough to try to forget that they’re in your face taking your photo.

Near the end of the shoot, Millie recommended we use the natural light in the front room, and I thought the blue of the couch was really nice and might make my blue eyes look…bluer…so we took some shots there.  And here’s what Millie got:


I now realize how hard it is to take a good portrait, yet when people ask me how I do it, I just shrug.  I guess it’s really in my soul, and it’s what I love doing and I feel blessed to be able to share the ability that Millie (obviously) has to bring out the real person behind the person.  I put these four images up to show that there isn’t just ONE us.  And it’s possible to like more than one of our photographic personas.  And sometimes, with family portraits, it’s an awesome idea to order more than one shot so that you can show the whole story…

Thanks, Millie, for the great photos and for teaching me a great lesson and making me appreciate what I do so much more than I already do!!